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The commitment of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari toward women’s empowerment and gender-related programs dates back to the early 2000 when such a topic was legitimately included in development cooperation projects.

GEMNET Network

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Building on the experience of the European project "GEWAMED", G.EM.NET (Gender empowerment for a sustainable rural development)  NETWORK has been launched in 2012 with the main purpose of continuing and expanding the area of work of the GEWAMED Project that was officially concluded on August 2011.


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The SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES of the GEMNET network have been defined as follows:
  • Maintain an information and research network and continue the work started with GEWAMED Project.
  • Extend the range of action from water to rural development programmes.
  • Encourage the creation of women national observatories.
  • Search for interactions with other development projects that could provide useful contacts and funding for future activities.


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The Network involves the Network Coordinator (CIHEAM-IAMBari), the Network Members and eventually recognized experts from external organizations.
Up to now, through several contacts and exchange of official communications, the first 9 institutions accepted to be active members of the network, namely:   
  • Agricultural Research Institute - ARI (Cyprus)
  • African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development - CAFRAD (Morocco)
  • Center of Arab Women for Training and Research - CAWTAR (Tunisia)
  • Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jordan - FA-UJ (Jordan)
  • National Observatory for Women in Agriculture and Rural Areas - NOWARA (Lebanon)
  • National Water Research Centre - NWRC (Egypt)
  • National Observatory for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Labor in Agriculture - ONILFA (Italy)
  • Gender and Water Alliance - GWA (the Netherlands)
  • Arab Water Council – AWC (Egypt)


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In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives and preserve all the work that has been done during the five years of GEWAMED Project, the following activities were foreseen: 
  1. Setting up of a Thematic Network on issues related to "women’s empowerment" in the field of rural development and continue the activity of information dissemination, exchange of experiences and keep the institutional dialogue with the Mediterranean Countries at a local, national, regional level;
  2. Keeping the existing contacts and expanding a partnership for the Network: individual, institutions, NGO’s, Community based organizations (CBO's), experts, who share the same vision of the network in approaching gender issues; 
  3. Strengthening the results of GEWAMED Project by keeping the institutional dialogue open with the publication of NEWSLETTERS, the organization of workshops and meetings on a periodic/yearly basis and training activities for women working in Mediterranean rural areas.
  4. Gathering of data, information and documentation for the creation of observatories on a national basis on entrepreneurship and women's labor in agriculture in the Mediterranean countries.


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GEMNET is increasingly interacting with other international organizations and projects in order to
extend its range of action, gather contacts and promoting synergies.We are looking forward to having the contribution of others that may be interested to join our open network with the aim of widening our institutional dialogue.
This is why we would be very grateful for ANY CONTRIBUTION OR REACTION (articles, events, or news that could spread the information and enrich the discussion on this topic) that you may want to convey to us and that will be published in our NEWSLETTERS.

For more information or to access the network, please contact:

Rosanna Quagliariello
Gender Division - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-IAMBari)

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