20th World Congress of Soil Science - Jeju (South Korea) 8-13 June 2014

Prof. Pandi Zdruli presented the Feeding Knowledge programme and the paper on priority 1 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the 20th World Congress of Soil Science held in Jeju, South Korea 7-14 June 2014. cheap replica watchesThe congress was attended by more than replica watches2,100 scientists replica watches ukfrom almost all every country. The paper entitled:

EXPO2015 Milan and Feeding Knowledge programme: the nexus between land, water, climate change, biodiversity, energy and food security in the Mediterranean (Pandi Zdruli, Nicola Lamaddalena, Mladen Todoroviç, Alessandra Scardigno, Jenny Calabrese, Gaetano Ladisa, and Vincenzo Verrastro) and it was included in the session: "Soil Health: Key to Food Security" along with other 7 papers.

This parallel session was attended by more than 200 people that showed great interest for the programme and the work done so far. I invited them to log on at the webpage of the project and especially to apply to the Call for the Best Sustainable Development Practices.

The crucial issue of food security was dealt continuously throughout the congress. Further research is now engaging  the new concept of "soil security" that particularly for the Mediterranean conditions takes enormous importance given breitling replica the extreme scarcity of natural resources. The next year was proclaimed by the UN as the International Year of Soils and many activities will be organised to promote the important role of soils in providing food and enhancing ecosystem services.

This is a great opportunity also for CIHEAM-IAMB andbell ross replicareplica watches EXPO2015 to propose organising a regional conference on "Soils of the Mediterranean: present status and future trends".

In addition to the oral paper mentioned above, I presented another http://www.childsplayadventureland.co.uk/test.php?p=Bell-Ross-Replica.htmlOnline Outlet, Cheap Replica Watches UK Store, Swiss Replica Watches Sale, Free UK Shipping!!poster paper: "The New World Atlas of Desertification: Soil is Slipping Away.....We can Stop it!" developed in co-authorship with five other replica watches ukcartier replicascientists from USA, Spain, Germany and Italy.

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