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Water Availability and Security in Southern EuRope and the Mediterranean

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  • To analyze, in a multi-disciplinary way, ongoing and future climate induced changes in hydrological budgets and extremes in southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East under the frame of threats to national and human security. including the assessment of changes in mean flows, frequency and magnitude of extreme precipitation (intensity and duration), surface run-off, stream flows ground water balance, as well as social and economic factors.
  • To provide an interface to other climatologic projects and models, producing climate change scenarios for the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, with special emphasis on precipitation - hence it will synthesize information from the ensembles of existing models.
  • To assess, through economic macro-models, changes in competitiveness, economic structure, trade flows and implicit trade in water (virtual water), originated by changes in water availability.
  • To analyse and to assess the impacts of climate change on the sensitive strategic sectors in the Mediterranean (agriculture and tourism) and to propose adaptation strategies, technological solutions and management practices that could be employed to attenuate these impacts.
  • To develop holistic modelling and methodological approaches for the better quantification of climate change impacts and the understanding of the corresponding water-related security threats. 
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