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Sistema dInformazione Nazionale sullAgricoltura Biologica Sistema dInformazione Nazionale sullAgricoltura Biologica

Sinab 2010-2012
Area tematicaagricoltura biologica
  • Setting up a system for updating and developing information on organic farming.
  • Constant updating of the institutional information system on organic farming www.sinab.it.
  • Technical and information support and upgrading of the action of the Organic Farming Office of MiPAAF.
  • Implementation of a Polycentric Documentation Centre.
  • Development of Intranet providing the institutional system of organic farming with restricted access by thematic working groups.

The project structure involved two main activities: the Service Centre and the Information Front Office. The working group of SINAB, based at the premises of MiPAAF, has operated, on behalf of the Front Office for Organic Farming (SAQ X), to satisfy internal and external users. Within the Ministry, SINAB, which acts as a SERVICE CENTRE, has supported the SAQ X in the accomplishment of different tasks:

      Regulatory activities (the ministerial procedure to adjust the domestic to the Common legislation has been facilitated through the structured collection of useful information);

      Handling of statistical data on O.F. (updating the European questionnaire addressed to the Inspection Authorities for the collection and processing of statistical and control data and the subsequent preparation of the report Organic farming in figures);

      Checking of statistical data on Italian organic farming, implemented in collaboration with Inspection Authorities, Regional Governments, ICQRF and EUROSTAT;

      Data on organic production imports from Third Countries;

      Processing of constantly updated annual statistics on organic food imports;

      Drafting of the document Imports of organically-produced foods from Third Countries to Italy;

  • Periodical release of the national list of importers with constant updating;
  • Setting up of a database indicating the single import authorizations issued by the SAQ X Office and the type and amounts of actually imported products (the latter data are extracted from the notices sent by the authorization holders);
  • Promotion and information on O.F.;
  • Design and realization of MiPAAF and SINAB information material for events;
  • Participation in trade fairs with a specific SINAB workstation in the area of the institutional representation.

Within the activity of the INFORMATION FRONT OFFICE SINAB has worked in collaboration with the Ministry, producing the materials listed below (accessible on the site www.sinab.it): news, press reviews, upcoming events, constant updating of the European, national and regional regulations on organic farming and related sectors.


Il progetto SINAB 2012 si differenzia dal precedente progetto SINAB per attività aggiuntive che vengono proposte per meglio integrare le sinergie tra gli uffici operativi del SINAB e gli uffici del DIPARTIMENTO DELLE POLITICHE COMPETITIVE DEL MONDO RURALE E DELLA QUALITA, DIREZIONE GENERALE DELLO SVILUPPO AGROALIMENTARE E DELLA QUALITA, e dell UFFICIO SAQ X,  inoltre intende dare continuità al programma di Supporto istituzionale al MiPAAF progetto 2008-2009 integrando in un unico progetto le sinergie impegnate  a supportare l UFFICIO SAQ X nelle attività inerenti lAgroalimentare ed il biologico.

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