Letter from CIHEAM-MAIB Director Cosimo Lacirignola
I have been fortunate to meet many students since I became Director in 1987. Although former trainees undertake very different careers the world over, I am always struck by the sense of community, peace spreading and goodwill they all share.
CIHEAM-MAIB was established in 1962 and over the last fifty years more than  10,000 students and experts have taken post-graduate courses and/or attended  training courses. CIHEAM-MAIB is now a regional reference point for both Education/ Training and Research; a degree from CIHEAM-MAIB represents an outstanding achievement.
CIHEAM-MAIB seeks mutually supportive life-long relationships with the global community of its past and present graduates. In order to develop and strengthen these relationships, CIHEAM-MAIB has set up the Former Trainees Network (FTN) to ensure that alumni are well-informed about our activities and to facilitate links and mutual contacts.
We have designed the FTN to get in touch with you and to build a CIHEAM-MAIB community.
If you wish to join us, please get in touch with Noureddin Driouech (MAIB coordinator of FTN)- driouech@iamb.it. On these online pages you can update your records, subscribe to the FTN Newsletter, and register with the FTN Forum, receive news from CIHEAM-MAIB and your old friends, your classmates and much more.
If your  experience at CIHEAM-MAIB has had a positive impact on your life, please stay involved in CIHEAM-MAIB life and help us improve our role in educating future generations of students. 
You are our finest ambassadors, the very people whose future we have helped to shape.
We also want to set up alumni relations programmes which can be responsive to the evolving needs of alumni in each stage of your lives.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Cosimo Lacirignola
Director of CIHEAM-MAI of Bari

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