Economic and market research

Role of international trade fairs in the internationalisation of Italian organic farms


This research line aims to evaluate the role of international fairsboth  in the marketing strategies pursued by organic farms, particularly Italian farms, and in the support actions for internationalisation promoted by public bodies.

Starting: 2.01.2008
Scheduled ending: 23.09.2019
Real ending: 23.09.2019


·        analysis of the development of Italian organic farms’ participation in international fairs

·        evaluation of the role played by international fairs in marketing plans of farms participating in the international fairs

·        suggestions for coordinated and synergic action by public bodies to valorise the presence of Italian firms at international trade events



Research contributed to InterBio Project “Promotion of home and international demand” which corresponds to Strategic aim no. 1 of “PAN – National Action Programme  for organic agriculture and organic products”.



The results of this research can be a useful reference both for private businesses when choosing international fairs and deciding on participation strategies, and also for public institutions in planning coordinated actions for the participation of Italian organic firms in international fairs.



  • Strengths

The novelty of the subject and the implications for entrepreneurial decisions about participation in international fairs, and for policy decisions directed at improving coordination of support for internationalisation through the participation of Italian organic farms.

  • Weaknesses

This research is recent and it is not yet possible to evaluate the prospects for future development of this line of study.


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