Economic and market research

Structural characteristics and trends of organic agriculture in Puglia


The present research line collects the socio-economic studies made over the decade since the Biopuglia project, and concerning the structural, productive and commercial characteristics of organic agriculture inPuglia.

To support the explorative and descriptive studies, recent years have also seen a progressive consolidation of monitoring for the sector; this has consisted in collection, management and analysis of statistical data about organic operators and cultivated surface areas, with more recent attention also given to the main forms of distribution.

This work is a very useful instrument for understanding and analyzing the structural situation and dynamics in the Region’s organic sector, and is available to the many public and private subjects daily involved in the sector’s growth.

Starting: 2.01.1998
Scheduled ending: 23.09.2019
Real ending: 23.09.2019


The different works collected in the present line of research contain the following identifiable specific objectives:

  • monitoring of the areas and of the Region’s organic farmers
  • analysis of the main production areas
  • analysis of the distribution situation of the farms and processing companies
  • business organisation models aimed at marketing
  • analysis of marketing policies (product, price, promotion and distribution) of Puglia’s grapevine and wine farms
  • analysis of the marketing strategies used and of the opportunities for Puglia’s organic products to penetrate the wholesale retail system in Italy and some important European markets
  • analysis and reorganisation of the control and certification system of organic products
  • support to regional planning for  development of the sector 


The present research line responds to some criticalities in Puglia’s organic sector, including the lack of sufficient statistical information, the difficulty of penetrating the local, national and international markets, the need for coordination of sector management and development supported by an effective “system of knowledge”.



Considering the experience acquired and the positive feedback about the results of this field of research, it would be useful to continue to invest in it, so as to ensure continuity of the “system of knowledge” about organic agriculture in the Region - built up over the years - as a  strategic tool for future planning. 



  • Strengths

Considerable wealth of knowledge built up gradually over more than ten years’ monitoring activity. Recognition of MAI.B at regional  level as a source of statistical information about organic agriculture in Puglia.

  • Weaknesses

It becomes important to continue these activities so as not to interrupt the time-sequence of the data collected so far.

Reference person/s: Callieris Roberta / Cardone Gianluigi / Pugliese Patrizia /
Collaborators: Antonelli Annarita / Fersino Vincenzo / Petruzzella Damiano / Scardigno Alessandra /
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