Economic and market research

Structural characteristics and trends of organic agriculture in the Mediterranean


This research envisages annual data collection on the state of organic agriculture in the MOAN countries (cultivated surface area, number of workers, institutional and legislative aspects, etc.).

Starting: 2.01.1999
Scheduled ending: 23.09.2019
Real ending: 23.09.2019


The aim is to provide information at both the regional and international level on development trends and the increasing importance of the sector in this area.



Absence of reliable references; even the Ministries of Agriculture in the Mediterranean countries lack statistical data, although they should be the highest authorities for this information; increasing demand for statistical data at the international level.



To be the exclusive source of Mediterranean organic statistics; to study and monitor the development of the sector. Within the scope of the FAO-CIHEAM 2009-2010 convention, MAI.B will contribute to drawing up country reports on organic agriculture for the Mediterranean area. They will be published in the FAO Organic-AIMS database. 



  • Strengths

Considerable body of knowledge built up progressively in over ten years of monitoring. International recognition of MAI as a source of information on Mediterranean organic agriculture.

  • Weaknesses

It has always been quite difficult to find accurate information.

Reference person/s: Al Bitar Lina / Pugliese Patrizia /
Collaborators: Antonelli Annarita / Bteich MarieReine / Calabrese Generosa Jenny / Callieris Roberta /
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