Virology (viruses, viroids, phloem-limited prokaryotes, virus-like agents)

Development, standardization and validation of detection techniques/ protocols

This research area is aimed at developing biological, serological and molecular techniques to detect virus diseases of the Mediterranean fruit tree species. More specifically, the research conducted at MAIB is intended to develop quick, highly sensitive,  user-friendly  and cheap detection tools and techniques.

Due to its central role in the Mediterranean, MAIB has closely  liaised with other scientific institutions  and stimulated networking activities to develop, validate and harmonise the detection protocols which shall be included in the certification programmes for plant propagating material.

Over the last years  many serological and molecular diagnostic tools have been developed (polyclonal antisera and monoclonal antibodies, PCR primers, molecular hybridisation probes), some of which are also directed at the new viruses studied and characterised for the first time at MAIB.

Molecular hybridisation probes have been designed, standardised and validated to detect viroids in pome and stone fruit species, degenerated primers have been obtained to detect and classify the grapevine nepoviruses, a number of techniques have been developed for multiple detection of citrus, stone fruits, pome fruits and fig viruses.

Considerable  effort has been devoted to the development of  biological indexing for detection of citrus, stone fruits, pome fruits and grapevine virus diseases in the greenhouse.

Starting: 1.01.1986
Scheduled ending: 31.12.2015
Real ending: 23.09.2019
Reference person/s: D'Onghia Anna Maria / Digiaro Michele / Djelouah Khaled / El Beaino Toufic /
Collaborators: Fanelli Antonio / Frasheri Dajana /
Thesis: Improvement of biological indexing for the detection of the main stone fruit viruses
Further molecular characterization and production of polyclonal antisera for the Fig mosaic virus
Improving molecular and serological diagnosis of vitiviruses and characterization of a Grapevine leaf roll associated virus-4 (GLRaV-4) variant
Setting up of biological indexing of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) and Citrus infectious variegation virus (CVV) using inoculated indicator cuttings
Use of degenerate primers and asymmetric RT-PCR hybridization for the detection of leafroll and rugose wood related viruses
Molecular diagnosis and variability of Plum Bark Necrosis and Stem Pitting-associated Virus on stone fruits
Amélioration des mèthodes de diagnostic sérologique pour les virus de la court-noué (GFLV) et du clostérovirus associé à l'enroulement foliaire de vigne (GLRaV-7)
Développement de techniques moléculaires pour le diagnostic des virus sphériques phloématiques de la vigne
Mise au point des méthodes de diagnostic moléculaire d’un clostérovirus et étude de son association à la maladie des cannelures du bois (stem pitting) des essences à noyau
Sanitary status of stone fruits in Jordan and production of monoclonal antibodies to apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV)
Production and characterisation of monoclonal antibodies specific to GLRaV-2, GLRaV-6 and GVD
Improvement of serological detection of grapevine clostero and vitiviruses of the grapevine
Improvement of the serological diagnosis of grapevine leafroll-associated virus 2 (GLRAV-2) and evaluation of sanitary status of some grapevine varieties grown in Trakya region in Turkey
Institutions involved: Centro di Virologia del CNR, sezione di Bari
Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie (INAT)
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie (INRAT)
Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute (LARI)
Università degli Studi di Bari
Università degli Studi di Udine
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