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FAO/CIHEAM Side Event on sustainable food consumption and production in the Mediterranean region - Rome, May 11th 2016

Mr. Cosimo Lacirignola, Secretary General of CIHEAM and Director of CIHEAM-Bari, and Mr. Roberto Capone, head of Sustainable agriculture, food and rural development department at CIHEAM-Bari will attend the FAO/CIHEAM side event “Planting the seeds of sustainability: from production to consumption in the Near East and North Africa Region”.

The side event will be held on Wednesday May 11, 2016, at FAO’s Headquarters in Rome on the occasion of the 33rd Session of FAO Regional Conference for the Near East (NERC – 33) (LINK).

In the frame of the side event Mr. Capone will have a speech on “Sustainable Food Systems: the case study of the Mediterranean Diet as a sustainable diet, linking consumption with production in selected countries in the region”.There is a need to address cross-sectoral integration from production to consumption. An approach that promotes sustainable food systems (from production to processing, distributing, marketing and consumption of food) can contribute to food security and nutrition in a sustainable manner.

This side event is a contribution to the recommendations made by the 32st Session of the Regional Conference for the Near East to provide support for the Regional Initiative on “Building resilience for improved food security and nutrition in the Near East and North Africa”. It has as objective to discuss how to more effectively integrate production and consumption in order to support countries in their efforts to build more resilience for food security and nutrition in the NENA region.

The joint organization of the side event represents another milestone in the outstanding cooperation between CIHEAM and FAO. The two organizations signed in October 2015 a Memo of Understanding (MoU) related to rural and agricultural development, food security and sustainable food systems, sustainable management of natural resources in the region, through the development of targeted actions.

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